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Our 1st School YA Book Club Event at Wycombe Abbey School

Litup Mandarin Book Club founder, Stephanie Gou, visited Wycombe Abbey school, on 3rd May, along with renowned translator Nicky Harman, to host the 1st School YA Book Club event. The event was a huge success, with the students showing great interest in the discussion about the new book "Flight of Bumblebee" and learning about the career of a translator.

The students, who are mainly 13 years old, were engaged in the discussion and asked thought-provoking questions. They were eager to learn about the process of translation and how Nicky began her career in this field. She shared the challenging process ( name, play of words, the geography and the dialogue) and how she handdled them. For example, she played the words " Awwsome" for Sichuan dialect "要得" .

"I am thrilled to see the enthusiasm of these young readers and their interest in learning Mandarin. Our mission at Litup Mandarin Book Club is to make Mandarin language learning fun, accessible, and social. We hope to inspire more young people to explore Mandarin literature and culture," said Stephanie.

The visit concluded with a Q&A session, where students had the opportunity to ask Nicky and Stephanie more questions about their careers and the importance of language learning. Litup Mandarin Book Club looks forward to more opportunities to engage with young readers and promote Mandarin language learning.

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