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About us

Lit-up Mandarin Book Club (LMBC) is a non-for-profit organisation based in the U.K., dedicated to connecting bilingual families with Mandarin as the Heritage Language, supporting the positive parent-child relationship development, and enriching their lives with books-themed or cultural activities and events.

Our educational projects embedded mainstream schools’ curriculum and values, so that children acquire the knowledge of Chinese culture and improve their Mandarin language and social skills in a familiar and
comfortable way. We support them to discover their Chinese Identity through stories and become the “little ambassador” to promote Chinese culture to wider community: i.e. friends, neighbours and school.


Our passionate volunteer team includes qualified mainstream schoolteachers and school-age children’s mums educated in the U.K. with degree levels and above. We also partnered with other bilingual
worldwide (i.e. France, Germany, Israel and China).  We are honoured to receive fee-free service from experts in different industries, as well as the financial support libraries, schools, communities and overseas organisations, such as Blingo ( New Oriental Education Group).

Currently, we run the following clubs:

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